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Swim/Run Session - No bikes required

There will be a swim/run session this weekend.  No bikes will be required.

Registration will be in the pool reception where the children will be split into two groups.  One group will swim first whilst the other team completes a run session at Broyle Lane Field.  After approximately 45mins the groups will swap round.

Parental assistance with getting the children changed and to and from Broyle Lane Field would be greatly appreciated.

The detailed timings for the sessions will be as follows;

Group A (generally older children) - the 'Alistairs'

  • 0930 - 1025 - Swim session
  • 1025 - 1045 - Change and move to Broyle Lane Field
  • 1045 - 1125 - Run session
  • 1125 - 1130 - Return to swimming pool for sign out
  • 1130 - Sign out

Group B (generally younger children) - the 'Jonnys'

  • 0930 - 0935 - Move to Broyle Lane Field
  • 0935 - 1010 - Run session
  • 1010 - 1030 - Return to swimming pool and change for swimming
  • 1030 - c.1100 - Swim session.  
  • c.1100 - 1130 - Recreational swimming at own risk.  Please note that due to the advertised public fun session starting at 1100 we are not able to keep the lanes in the pool after this time.  Your children are however able to continue to use the pool along with the members of the public.  We are in discussion with Wave Leisure about this and will keep you informed if anything changes.
  • 1130 - Sign out