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SWIM/RUN - No bikes required

There will be a swim/run session this weekend.  No bikes will be required.

Registration will be in the pool reception where the children will be split into two groups.  The Alistairs will swim first whilst the the Jonnys complete a run session on the school tennis courts (accessible via the gate to the LHS of the swimming pool).  After approximately 45-55 minutes the groups will swap round.

The timings for the children's training will be as follows;

Group A (the 'Alistairs' - generally older children)

0930 - 1025  Swim session

1025 - 1040  Change for running

1040 - 1130  Run session on the tennis courts

Group B (the 'Jonnys' - generally younger children)

0930 - 1015  Run session on the tennis courts

1015 - 1030  Change for swimming

1030 - c.1125  Swim session.

Please could you make sure that the children have some warm clothing, including a lightweight rain jacket, hats and gloves for when they do the run session.