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SWIM/BIKE - Bikes and helmets required

There will be a swim/bike session this weekend.

Registration for the Jonnys (younger group) will be at the car-park on the Lewes road, half way between Lewes and Ringmer.  Please arrive at 0915hrs to allow time to park, unload bikes and register.

The Alistairs/Youth (older group) all register at the pool and swim first whilst the Jonnys complete their bike session. After approximately 45mins the groups will swap round.  Again please arrive early to allow time to register and change.

Please bring bikes and don't forget to check the tyre pressures beforehand and helmets!  We run a strict 'no helmet, no ride' policy so please just double check before you leave.

The timings for the sessions will be as follows;

Group A (the 'Alistairs/Youth’ - generally older children)
0930 - 1025  Swim session
1025 - 1040  Change for cycling and split into Road/Path groups
- Children will cycle while supervised by coaches and parents down to the cycle path at the bottom of New Rd. There they will start there cycle session utilising the off road cycle path that runs parallel to the Lewes road (B2192).
- Older children will join the Youths Cycle on a road cycle loop around Ringmer
1040 - 1130  Bike session, cycling back to the pool to sign-out at the end.
1130 - All children sign out at the pool

Group B (the 'Jonnys' - generally younger children)
0930 - 1015  Registration at carpark on Lewes Rd. There is limited parking at the carpark.  Alternatively you can park on Gote Lane, off New Road and walk/cycle up to the carpark. The cycle session will utilise the cycle path from Lewes to Ringmer.
1015 - Bikes and children driven back to Ringmer school for the swim
1025 - 1030  Change for swimming
1030 - c.1100  Swim session. From 1100 there is casual swimming until 1130.

Please could you make sure that the children have some layered clothing, including a lightweight rain jacket, hats and gloves for when they do the bike session if it is looking like it will be raining.

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