What we do

During the winter months we tend to do all the training at the Ringmer Community School utilising the swimming pool, the tennis courts, the cycle path between Ringmer and Lewes (weather permitting) and Potato Lane at the back of the school. We alternate weekly sessions so that we swim and run one week and then swim and bike the following week. This allows the children to stretch their legs a little and and get used to riding on their bikes for longer distances. Please keep an eye on the Home page for any updates.

The children are split into three groups - the Youths (14+), the Alistairs (intermediates) and the Jonnys (beginners).  The Alistairs and Youths swim first for an hour and then swap with the Jonnys who will have been at the tennis courts or cycle path either running or cycling (dependent on the week).  The Jonnys then swim under instruction from the coaches for 30mins whilst the Alistairs and Youth do 50mins on the cycle path or Potato Lane either cycling or running respectively. Sometimes, numbers permitting, the Youths and more able Alistairs are taken out on a longer cycle ride on the quiet country lanes surrounding Ringmer accompanied by coaches and parents. 

The safety and well being of the children is paramount in the ethos of the club.  Please read the Sussex Tristars Policy Statement on Safeguarding Children here.

The sessions

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We focus on technical coaching rather than teaching children to swim, so please ensure your child is able to swim a minimum of 100 metres front crawl unaided and without stopping. We use the whole pool, 4 lanes for the children and 1 for adults so parents can do their own swim session if they so want (£4).





This session focuses on cycle and transition skills, on the cycle path between Ringmer and Lewes (weather permitting), the tennis courts (Jonnys only) or local lanes (Youth).






The running session focuses on working with drills to help running posture, repetitions to improve fitness and of course games to ensure the fun.

These sessions take place either in the tennis courts , around the edge of the Rugby Pitch at the Ringmer Community College or, on Potato Lane (Alistars and Youth only), round the back of the school.