Sussex Tristars Policy Statement on Safeguarding Children

The safeguarding of Sussex Tristars participants is a key priority for the committee members and coaches. The committee believes that all participants are entitled to take part in club sessions in a safe and fun environment regardless of ability, gender, race, religion and disability.

The club acknowledges and adheres to the guidance in the British Triathlon’s  guide for coaches ‘Safeguarding and protecting children and vulnerable adults’, and we recommend that this is read by all coaches and parents.  We expect coaches, parents and triathletes to understand their responsibilities in ensuring that all participants are safe and enjoy the training sessions provided. 

All coaches and committee members are DBS (previously CRB) checked and cleared.

Practice principles followed by Sussex Tristars coaches

  • To ensure that all training schedules are based on the needs and interests of the child, not the parents, coaches or club.

  • To challenge any inappropriate or dangerous behaviour exhibited by participants, parents or coaches.

  • To avoid overly physical contact with the children.

  • To coach in an open environment and never on a one-to-one basis or unobserved.

  • To encourage parents to supervise and assist their children, particularly the younger children, to get changed before or after swimming as necessary.

  • To only enter the changing rooms in pairs or with another parent and only to ensure all children are changed and ready.

  • To discourage parents from using the changing rooms at the same time as the children especially if the children are not their own or there is only one child in the changing room.

  • To, wherever possible, send children to use the toilet in pairs or with their own parent.

  • To, wherever possible, obtain additional consent from parents before any emergency first aid or medical treatment is sought. However, this shouldn't unnecessarily delay the administering of any treatment required.

Responding to disclosure, suspicions or allegations

All coaches, committee members and parents should be aware of the clubs contact procedures should the need to report or raise a safeguarding concern arise;   Any person with information of a disclosure, allegation or suspicion about the welfare of a child, be it poor practice or possible abuse, should report this immediately and as appropriate either to:

  • Matt Honey, a club head coach who is also the club welfare officer; or

  • Childline – 0800 1111; or

  • NSPCC helpline – 0808 800 5000

The club Welfare officer will liaise directly with the British Triathlon Child protection officers as outlined in their policy. 

Confidentiality will be maintained at all times and only disseminated on a need to know basis.